Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Workplace

Oct 01, 2017

We know from numerous research studies, in addition to anecdotes from executives, managers, and employees, about how effective coaching is in the workplace. As a result of the success of coaching and the ROI (return on investment) it brings, organizations have recognized the value in building a culture of coaching. A culture that offers employees, at all levels, the opportunity to grow their skills, enhance their value, and reach their professional goals.

In an organization with a coaching culture, coaching is considered as a strategic business model and critical talent management tool. To ensure successful results that go beyond skills training that increases employee engagement and retention, an organization needs to develop a comprehensive coaching plan that addresses both current and future needs. Ensure everyone from senior executives to entry-level employees understand the value of coaching to the organization and build coaching as a regular activity and competency for managers and internal coach practitioners. Coaching is key in having a successful leadership pipeline.

How are you going to create or enhance the coaching culture in your organization?