Setting Intentions

Jun 20, 2017

In a previous blog, we discovered the importance in setting an intention, which is: to achieve a goal or change a current behavior, you must first prime your mind for the journey to change. So how do we set these intentions? Let’s say you decide you want to exercise more in 2016, so your intention would be something like:

My intention for 2016 is to increase my current level of exercise so I can feel good, experience less stress, and enjoy how well my clothes fit.

This intention both states what you plan to do as well as why you plan on doing it (which is something we often forget when simply setting a goal.) This intention is also open-ended and flexible because you can decide on specific goals you wish to accomplish in meeting it, such as, “I will exercise five times a week for a one-hour duration.”

By setting an intention for how you want to be and why, and then creating specific goals to meet that intention, you can make the necessary adjustments that work for you in a way that does not add additional stress to your effort to change your initial behavior of not exercising. You are mindfully working to exercise, which allows you to stay motivated and continue on your journey to the change you are seeking to make in your life.