Wellness for Success

Apr 17, 2017

Wellness is a state of being healthy in body and mind, which is achieved through conscious effort and deliberate choices. Wellness for success is the ability to identify, manage, and minimize negative, limiting thought patterns, allowing one to choose positive thoughts of peace, acceptance, and gratitude. When one makes a deliberate effort to be healthy, they attain wellness for success which leads to well being, a feeling of happiness, balance, and fulfillment in all aspects of one’s life. Wellness and well being go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. There is no one “right” way to achieving well being or promoting wellness as it is unique to each individual.

Ways to Increase Wellbeing

Thoughts have a major impact on one’s life and influences the choices we make and the actions we take or don’t take. Developing the habit of thinking positively is a way to increase our wellbeing. People who experience a high level of wellbeing in their lives are happier, more creative, and more productive. They have better relationships, are healthier and more successful than those who aren’t satisfied with their life. Focus on the following additional ways to increase wellbeing: define your core values; create job satisfaction; work with purpose; and establish positive relationships.

Strategies for Promoting Wellness

Promoting wellness in our lives requires us to choose to do what it is necessary to have a healthy body and mind. For wellness, it is also important to choose positive thoughts and live a healthy life. Some other strategies for promoting wellness include exercising regularly; calming the chaos by managing and reducing the stress in our lives of being pulled in too many directions; and putting quality food and drink into our bodies.

How are wellness and well being showing up in your life?