Influencing with a powerful presence is particularly important in the workplace when you don’t have direct authority and you need to get things done. One’s presence can significantly affect their impact and ability to influence others. How can presence be utilized to influence and persuade others?

If someone lacks confidence, these feelings are projected in their tone of voice, facial expression, and body language. When one feels this way, they demonstrate low status behaviors of standing with their head tilted downward, poor posture, failing to maintain eye contact, and speaking with a weak voice. A person with a negative mindset is not in a position to influence or persuade.

On the other hand, when someone believes they are competent and confident, they will exhibit a powerful presence. With these positive feelings, they demonstrate high status behaviors of holding their head up, standing tall, maintaining eye contact, and speaking with a strong voice. A person with a positive mindset has a strong presence and is able to influence and persuade.

How is your self-concept affecting the impact you have on the world around you? A negative self-concept will keep you from having strong presence while a positive one will give you a powerful presence that others sense and are more willing to follow.