It seems that the entire nation, both men and women, is struggling with work/life balance. This appears to have become an especially powerful struggle for women who tend to still maintain all of the responsibilities of home life while also working their way up the proverbial organizational ladder. This begs the question… is work/life balance realistic for women? The answer is “no!” Let’s examine this topic a bit further…

As adults, especially those of us with children, there are a myriad of responsibilities that must be addressed every day on the home front. Then there are the demands of the job, especially if one has aspirations of continued promotions and exciting opportunities. This also leaves very little time to devote to one’s self and needs.

One top of all of this, as women we tend to berate ourselves if we can’t find a work/life balance, feeling guilty if we spend too much time at work that week, or too much time away from work with the family on vacation. With this expectation that there is such a balance to achieve, we add yet another layer of “stuff” to our already full worry list.

The answer to the question of “is work/life balance realistic for women?” is a resounding “no.” But that isn’t the question to be ask. Regardless of where you find yourself spending more of your time for any given week – work, home, or self – the question to ask is “Am I happy?” If you’re not, then do something about it. If you are, then quit worrying about what you and others think of your “work/life balance” and enjoy the journey.