Every day, we make up our own stories about everything that happens in our lives. For example, our boss wants to give us feedback, we thought we said something wrong to a friend, we are not good enough, or we don’t have enough money, and instantly without a conscious thought we fill in the blanks, creating spellbinding scripts.

What we don’t realize at the time is that these stories we make up are inaccurate and destructive. The stress we feel is a result of the stories we created from our mind chatter that are based on speculations and assumptions.

The good news is that since you’re the author of your life, you can make the conscious choice to rewrite the stories you tell yourself. To do this, first become aware of the stories you are telling yourself. When you notice yourself using limiting or negative statements such as, “I never,” “I can’t, “I should,” or “I don’t have,” remember what that you choose to focus on becomes your reality. Second, examine the benefits you think you are gaining from the negative story you are telling yourself. After you identify the false benefits from your stories, start releasing them and replace them with new and empowered ones.

And finally, after you have become aware of your stories, examined their false benefits, replace your stories with positive and powerful statements that make you feel alive, joyful, and content. Outgrow the old worn out stories you’ve told yourself and become something different. With practice and persistence, the stories we tell ourselves become new and empowered ones.