Keynote/Speaking Engagements

For organizations that want to provide their employees with information about human behavior that focuses on individual impact on others and how to break the chains of limiting behavior, MindSpring provides keynotes for lunch and learns, office meetings, special employee events, or annual office events.


Are you suffering from CDD (Consciousness Deficient Disorder)?

Walk down the street in any city and you will notice that we have already entered into a zombie pandemic. People, suffering from CDD (Consciousness Deficient Disorder), are literally sending themselves to the hospital as they run into street signs, trip over bike racks, or walk in front of moving cars because they are too busy looking at their smart phones to pay attention to where they are going. This speech explores the "zombie pandemic" and implores participants to put the electronics down and explore what their life would be like if they instead logged into the present moment.

Got JBOPs?

Learn how JBOPs (Judgments, Beliefs, Opinions, and Perceptions) tremendously impact our lives, often leading to misunderstanding and conflict. We all have JBOPs and an awareness of them will help in all aspects of one's life – personal and professional. Participants are provided with three strategies to overcome the influence of their JBOPs, which naturally leads to a life with less stress.

Do You Have What It Takes?

To really succeed in one's life, one must first take complete responsibility for the experience of it. This is one attribute of mental toughness, which is defined as a collection of attributes that allow a person to persevere through difficult circumstances to emerge without losing confidence. In this speech, we cover several attributes of mental toughness to include how participants can improve upon their current level to ensure success in both their personal and professional lives.

How Often Are You Getting In Your Own Way?

Frustrated at work? Frustrated at home? You'd be happy if only…. you got promoted, had more money, lived in that bigger house in a better neighborhood, etc. Many of us suffer from the I'll Be Happy When (IBHW) Syndrome. We don't realize that we can literally change our life by changing our mindset. This speech will guide participants in understanding how our subconscious programming can lead to suffering from IBHW and how to overcome it by retraining one's mind. Participants will be left with key strategies to help them consciously choose how one wants to experience every moment of every day of their life.

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