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Thoughts and Ideas
Hello and thank you for taking a few minutes to read my first quarterly newsletter where you will get to know about me and my work a bit better, read brief highlights from the previous three months, and learn about the upcoming National Capital Leadership Summit.

For those of you I do not yet know personally, I am Denise Minor, the President, and CEO of MindSpring Metro DC. My company provides a wide variety of customized leadership development and training services, programs, and seminars to organizations, businesses, and government agencies. Though some may view my work at MindSpring Metro DC as a departure from my previous over 28-year career as a Special Agent at the FBI, there is a great deal of continuity between my first and second professional endeavors. While working in the FBI’s Leadership Development Program, our mission was to change the management culture to one of leadership. During the facilitation of the leadership training processes and protocols, I noticed that we spend a significant part of our day working in teams and groups with other individuals - and while we have the technical skills to do our jobs, we may not have the tools needed to understand the causes and effects of our behavior in the workplace. My work at MindSpring Metro DC builds on my discovery by focusing on individual leadership and development skills, but with a laser focus on improving collective performance, which in turn, uplifts the individual contributors.

As a Catalyst for growth and change, I support individuals in understanding who they are, being their best in the workplace, and taking responsibility for their actions through self-awareness. I believe organizations, companies, and agencies that develop their employees will empower them with a sense of purpose and the desire to meet shared objectives. Are you currently working with teams, looking to elevate your team, or optimizing the skill set on your teams? Do you want to understand the science behind the mindset that influences team behavior?

Are you currently working with teams, looking to elevate your team, or optimizing the skill set on your teams? Do you want to understand the science behind the mindset that influences team behavior?

Read each newsletter, where I will share highlights of how we supported clients from the previous three months, what I'm excited about in the upcoming quarter, and the new tools I use and develop that maximize my impact as a Catalyst for growth and change.
Best Wishes,
What We're Talking About
New Mission Statement
Everything we do is driven by an unwavering belief that empowerment is the single most powerful catalyst of positive, productive change in our professional lives. Training seminars and coaching sessions are customized to meet the goals and exceed the expectations of each client, while being informed by my overarching philosophy, which holds that empowerment is the key to optimizing individual and collective performance.
Denise Featured in WBA Newsletter
Check out my article, "What's Trending in the World of Professional Development for Law Firms," which ran in an edition of the Women’s Bar Association's "Raising The Bar" bi-monthly newsletter. Hope you enjoy!
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Densie Minor Interviewed by Author, Jerri Williams
To kick-off 2017, a former colleague of mine at the FBI, Jerri Williams, interviewed me for her podcast. You can now listen to it on her website for free here: http://jerriwilliams.com/denise-minor-francophile-fbi/. It's a great interview, which gives some terrific insight into my mind and motivation in building MindSpring Metro DC. Thanks to Jerri for her support - and best of luck for continued success with her new book "Pay to Play."
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In Case You Missed It
A few weeks ago, I shared that I will be working with a renowned northeast area university, focusing my efforts on guiding every member of the campus Police Department through a training that drills down on leadership and resiliency for law enforcement officers. Many of our government's leaders in law enforcement and intelligence first cut their teeth in local police precincts or a university police force before moving on to the federal level. The opportunity to work with so many passionate, purposeful law enforcement professionals is an honor and a privilege.
Back on March 3rd, I was able to tell supporters and followers about the newest chapter in my longstanding relationship with the U.S. Department of State's Foreign Service Institute (FSI). The focus of this new engagement is to provide tangible tools and evidence-based recommendations to help members of FSI's staff and leadership team optimize their presentation skills, as well as their styles of internal written communication.
In February, I became a certified 7 Levels of Effectiveness Trainer. Rooted in neuroscience, That means I am able to teach the BEabove 7 Levels and Consciousness Program for Personal, Group and Organizational Effectiveness. The brain is essentially our most powerful form of technology, but we lack a manual on how to operate it. The toolkit that I learned is that user’s guide, which helps my clients unlock the potential of their brain as it relates to leadership development, group effectiveness, and internal communication.
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"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."
~ Winston Churchill
What's Coming Up
Coming this September:
The National Capital Leadership Summit
Presented by MindSpring Metro DC
After a great deal of internal planning and many strategy conversations, my team at MindSpring Metro DC is proud to share information about the 2017 National Capital Leadership Summit.

Taking place on Friday, September 29 - this is our annual summit, and the theme for this year is Creating Sustainable Change. It’s a day-long event dedicated to expert presentations and discussions with a central theme of helping professionals cultivate the skills needed to break through barriers and create lasting, sustainable change. The website for the 2017 National Capital Leadership Summit presented by MindSpring Metro DC is now live - please view it often to review all the wonderful information about this year’s summit, as well as how you or your company can get involved as sponsors of the event.

Invite your friends and colleagues to join the fun.
Register Now and use code EARLYMAIL30 to receive a $30 discount!
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Best wishes for a happy and productive quarter!

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