Turn Your Ineffective Group into a Powerful Team with Executive Team Building

Jul 31, 2018

One thing we know for sure is that not every group functions as a team. Management often builds individual relationships, but is less effective in fostering collaborative efforts. A powerful team can work as a unit, moving toward a common goal, and going beyond occasional cooperation to act as a collective. When you focus on mission-critical thinking, work feels more like a meaningful undertaking than a checklist of tasks. Take these steps to turn your group into a team.


4 Tips to Define, Cultivate and Command Presence in the Workplace

Jun 22, 2018

When someone walks into a room and others pay instant attention, it is because that person has cultivated their personal presence. Their persona fills the room like a physical force. People are drawn to what they say and they want to put their suggestions into practice. Their individual energy makes an impact wherever they go. They approach problems with confidence and have a well-defined belief system that drives them to act. A great leader understands the dynamics of how presence and power are major factors in earning respect.  Find out how to develop personal presence that gets results.


3 Ways Leaders and New Managers Can Earn Respect Through Power, Influence and Presence

May 01, 2018

For some individuals, the idea of power carries negative connotations. In successful leadership, however, power doesn’t imply manipulation or coercion, but valuable knowledge and skills paired with the ability to build relationships. The old saying that you have to earn respect is true in every arena. Find out how power, influence and presence combine to make an effective leader.  


The Connection Between Mirror Neurons and Workplace Success

Apr 05, 2018

Brain studies on mirror neurons provide insight into both how we learn through mimicking the behavior of others, and why we feel empathy. For example, when we see someone accidentally walk into a closed door, we physically wince and feel sympathy. When we see someone make a face in response to a bad odor, our stomach responds with distaste. Find out more about the role of mirror neurons and how they can cause positivity in the workplace. 


4 Ways Leadership Development Increases Bottom Line Productivity On Your Team

Mar 05, 2018

When organizations invest in leadership development, they inspire improvement at every level. Even the most knowledgeable employee base can’t function under poor leadership, while effective leaders can motivate and energize groups with varying levels of competence.


7 Steps to Fuel Sustainable Change Using Neuroscience

Feb 20, 2018

In an increasingly competitive global economy, organizations fight for survival. They demand employees do more with fewer resources in less time. Leadership titles and roles are in constant transition, keeping leaders under heavy pressure to perform and evolve. Find out how to reduce stress and fuel change using neuroscience.


Actionable Ideas for Encouraging Innovation

Feb 01, 2018

Innovation keeps organizations fresh, drives a forward-thinking culture, and helps companies stay ahead of the competition. It doesn’t just happen; leadership and teams must be intentional about creating a culture that is always reaching toward improvement. Learn steps your company can put into action to create an environment where innovation thrives. 


3 Approaches to Leveraging Team Diversity to Demolish Challenges

Jan 25, 2018

When a team includes a diverse range of individuals, it is important to start with the foundation. Each member brings unique strengths and backgrounds. Instead of trying to make everyone on the team approach challenges the same way, leadership can benefit from new perspectives. Teams are more effective when they set a clear vision that clarifies the group’s actions and focus, then increase communication to encourage individuals to bring their strengths to the table.  


National Capital Leadership Summit Recap

Jan 22, 2018

On Friday, September 29th at the Old Town Hilton Alexandria Hotel, there were a group of excited people attending the National Capital Leadership Summit learning about Creating Sustainable Change. The keynote speakers were Denise Minor, Dan Millman, and Ann Betz. 


Benefits of Coaching

Nov 23, 2017

What is the big deal about coaching? Well… coaching is about helping others toward self-discovery, self-awareness, and making choices that ultimately lead to improving performance, attaining goals, and achieving results. Who wouldn’t want that? The coaching process involves asking powerful questions and having conversations that empower others to create and implement solutions unique to them. A coach provides encouragement and support to their clients as they continue to make important life-changing choices.