7 Steps to Fuel Sustainable Change Using Neuroscience

Feb 20, 2018

In an increasingly competitive global economy, organizations fight for survival. They demand employees do more with fewer resources in less time. Leadership titles and roles are in constant transition, keeping leaders under heavy pressure to perform and evolve. Find out how to reduce stress and fuel change using neuroscience.


Actionable Ideas for Encouraging Innovation

Feb 01, 2018

Innovation keeps organizations fresh, drives a forward-thinking culture, and helps companies stay ahead of the competition. It doesn’t just happen; leadership and teams must be intentional about creating a culture that is always reaching toward improvement. Learn steps your company can put into action to create an environment where innovation thrives. 


3 Approaches to Leveraging Team Diversity to Demolish Challenges

Jan 25, 2018

When a team includes a diverse range of individuals, it is important to start with the foundation. Each member brings unique strengths and backgrounds. Instead of trying to make everyone on the team approach challenges the same way, leadership can benefit from new perspectives. Teams are more effective when they set a clear vision that clarifies the group’s actions and focus, then increase communication to encourage individuals to bring their strengths to the table.  


National Capital Leadership Summit Recap

Jan 22, 2018

On Friday, September 29th at the Old Town Hilton Alexandria Hotel, there were a group of excited people attending the National Capital Leadership Summit learning about Creating Sustainable Change. The keynote speakers were Denise Minor, Dan Millman, and Ann Betz. 


Benefits of Coaching

Nov 23, 2017

What is the big deal about coaching? Well… coaching is about helping others toward self-discovery, self-awareness, and making choices that ultimately lead to improving performance, attaining goals, and achieving results. Who wouldn’t want that? The coaching process involves asking powerful questions and having conversations that empower others to create and implement solutions unique to them. A coach provides encouragement and support to their clients as they continue to make important life-changing choices. 


Changing Your Thoughts to Gain Time

Oct 19, 2017

How do we make time for what’s most important in our lives instead of feeling like we’re always falling behind? How can we regain our time so we can live a more meaningful life? Many of us are longing to have more time even though we know there are only 24 hours in a day. 


Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Workplace

Oct 01, 2017

We know from numerous research studies, in addition to anecdotes from executives, managers, and employees, about how effective coaching is in the workplace. As a result of the success of coaching and the ROI (return on investment) it brings, organizations have recognized the value in building a culture of coaching. A culture that offers employees, at all levels, the opportunity to grow their skills, enhance their value, and reach their professional goals. 


Does your Organization Encourage Innovation?

Sep 26, 2017

Numerous research studies show that innovation is the key to the future success of organizations. Innovation is the creativity that adds value to an organization’s bottom line results and productivity. It’s the process that creates actionable new ideas furthering an organization’s mission and goals. 


Gallup Research Shows Positivity Pays

Sep 18, 2017

No one gets to the top alone, and no one achieves their career goals in a vacuum without help from others. 


Influencing with Presence

Aug 29, 2017

Influencing with a powerful presence is particularly important in the workplace when you don’t have direct authority and you need to get things done. One’s presence can significantly affect their impact and ability to influence others. How can presence be utilized to influence and persuade others?