Empowered Women

Our Women Empowerment programs offer powerful, authentic, balanced leadership development training for women that focuses on mastering the dynamics shaping leadership for women, relationships, and wellness. These programs provide tools for women to design their roadmap for life and leadership.

Select a Program(s) that addresses your current organizational needs and supports your strategies for success through employee development:


The Power Within: Leadership for Women


This course focuses on the internal strength, passion, and intelligence that women possess and often under-utilize when they put their own needs "last on the list." This course includes strategies to increase assertiveness and willpower; bring clarity into positive and limiting leadership patterns; improve wellness, self-acceptance, and acceptance of others; and strategies for mentoring other women.The Power Within: Leadership for Women is an opportunity for women to come together to share experiences, camaraderie, and lessons learned.


Influence, Persuasion, and Presence for Women

Projecting a powerful and open presence allows women to effectively interact with and influence others. A truly dynamic woman understands her impact on others, both verbal and nonverbal, and knows how to use her presence to motivate and inspire others. Participants in this course learn how to gauge their impact on others and strategies for creating a more dynamic and confident presence for themselves, positively impacting all facets of their lives.


Do You Have What It Takes? Mental Toughness 101 for Women

To really succeed in one's life, one must first take complete responsibility for the experience of it. This is one attribute of mental toughness, which is defined as a collection of attributes that allow a woman to persevere through difficult circumstances to emerge without losing confidence. This course covers several attributes of mental toughness to include how participants can improve upon their current level to ensure success in both their personal and professional lives.


How Often Are You Getting In Your Own Way?

Frustrated at work? Frustrated at home? One would be happy if only…. one got promoted, had more money, lived in that bigger house in a better neighborhood, etc. Many women suffer from the "I'll Be Happy When (IBHW) Syndrome." One doesn't realize that they could literally change their life by changing their mindset. This course will guide participants through understanding how subconscious programming can lead to suffering from IBHW and how to overcome it by retraining one's brain. Participants will be left with key strategies to help them consciously choose how one wants to experience every moment of every day of their life.

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